Below is a list of Financial Fraud Action UK Ltd Board Members and who they represent within the financial industry.


Organisation Name Name
Lloyds Bank Plc Mr Dave Callington
The Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc Mr Alasdair MacFarlane
Santander UK Plc Ms Karen Tyler
Barclays Bank Plc Mr Alex Grant
HSBC Bank Plc Mr Paul Wood
Nationwide Building Society Mr Stuart Skinner
Nominee Director Tier 2 Banks Mr Jim Winters (TSB Bank Plc)
Nominee Director Tier 3 Banks Mr Mark Tingey (Metro Bank Plc)
Nominee Director Monoline Issuers Mr Paul Rodford (Vanquis Bank Limited)
Nominee Director Acquirers tbc

Katy Worobec, Director Financial Fraud Action UK Ltd

Katy has overall managerial responsibility for the industry fraud reduction strategy, including the Industry Threat Management Process, education and awareness campaigns for consumers and businesses, intelligence sharing through the Financial Fraud Bureau and the industry’s Fraud Intelligence Sharing System, collation, analysis and publication of industry statistics, and the Dedicated Card and Payment Crime Unit (DCPCU), the industry sponsored police unit.

She leads fraud repreKaty Worobecsentation with external bodies such as other trade associations, in particular the BBA, with law enforcement, and with government bodies including the National Crime Agency, to ensure that the industry fraud requirements are promoted.

Katy is Deputy Chair of Fraud Women’s Network, an organisation that brings together women involved in all aspects of fraud prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution.