The Financial Fraud Bureau (FFB) is the industry’s intelligence hub. The unit plays an important role by leading the industry’s collective initiatives on fraud intelligence-sharing between the banks, card companies and their key partners. Its primary roles are:

  • Gathering, collating and analysing the intelligence that informs the Industry Strategic Threat Management Process and providing the payments industry’s input into national threat assessments.
  • Disseminating intelligence directly from, and to, police forces and other law enforcement organisations, as well as the banks.
  • Working closely with the industry funded police
  • Unit (DCPCU), the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB), and the National Crime Agency (NCA) as well as other law enforcement agencies.
  • Managing the Fraud Intelligence Sharing System (FISS).
  • Issuing and receiving intelligence alerts from the payments industry and a wide range of other stakeholders.

On a regular basis, members share intelligence with each other, and with law enforcement agencies, on issues including new scams against their customers and associated counter measures.