FFA UK and Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum (TUFF) run an initiative to teach young people (aged 7 to 16) about:

  • the responsible way to operate and safeguard a mobile phone
  • the value of personal information and how to protect it
  • the importance of online security and how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

Out of Your Hands is a schools’ resource aligned to the National Curriculum featuring example scenarios of typical fraud scams, mobile phone crime and guidance on how to stay safe when making online transactions as well as real-life victim and perpetrator case studies and short films. The resources raise awareness of scams such as Vishing, Money Muling and courier fraud, as well as helping young people consider the risks of sharing their personal information with others.

The Out of Your Hands initiative has three distinct strands as follows:




Out of Your Hands aims to educate young people about the impact of mobile phone crime and teaches responsible mobile use.




Out of Your Pocket aims to educate young people on how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. There’s information about typical scams, what to look out for in suspicious emails, and how to stay safe when making decisions and transactions online.




Out of Your Control aims to stop young people from becoming victims of identity theft and online crime by teaching them methods to protect their private data and to be confident when they are online.



“It is crucial that we teach young people how to manage their personal finances safely, both online and offline, from an early age. Learning how to protect yourself against fraud and financial scams is an essential part of the kind of high-quality financial education that we would like to see taught in every school. The rise of new technology such as social media, as well as the recent resurgence of low-tech offline scams, mean that this has never been more important.

Out of Your Hands is an excellent initiative that will help teachers to give their pupils the tools they need to protect themselves and their personal finances.”

Tracey Bleakley, chief executive of pfeg (Personal Finance Education Group)

Visit www.outofyourhands.com to find out more.