We encourage any websites with an interest in payment fraud to create links to our website. You do not require explicit permission to do so.

Unless you need to refer to a specific page on the site, we recommend that you point to our homepage http://www.financialfraudaction.org.uk/. As the site develops, we cannot guarantee that all low-level links will remain permanently active.

Financial Fraud Action UK logo link

If you would like to create a graphical link to Financial Fraud Action UK we have created a button using the FFA UK logo, which you are free to use without seeking additional explicit consent.

To add the FFA link button to your page, simply copy the HTML code below. The logo will then appear on your website as shown at the size of 155px wide by 80px high. There is no need for you to download the button to your own server; the code points to the image held on our server. This has been done for your convenience, to ensure that you will always be featuring our latest logo.

<a href="http://www.financialfraudaction.org.uk/" title="Financial Fraud Action website" style="border: 0;"><img src="http://www.financialfraudaction.org.uk/cms/assets/1/small%20ffa%20logo.png" width="155" height="80" alt="Financial Fraud Action" title="Financial Fraud Action" border="0"></a>