Research shows that female Christmas shoppers face higher online fraud risk

November 21, 2011

In the lead-up to Christmas, The UK Cards Association is running its successful Be Card Smart Online campaign again. The focus this year is on younger female shoppers, as research shows they are at greater risk of online fraud as many of them are failing to take simple steps to stay safe when they shop over the internet.

Card fraud mastermind sentenced to three years

October 14, 2011

A German electronics engineer who used his skills to help criminal gangs clone credit and debit cards and steal thousands of pounds from members of the public has been sentenced to three years in prison.

This year’s top tips for holidaymakers using their card overseas

June 17, 2011

With the holiday season fast approaching, The UK Cards Association and ABTA, the travel association, have today (17 June 2011) published Using your card overseas to provide advice and information for holidaymakers and business travellers who are planning to use their cards abroad this summer.

Sony PlayStation Network Compromise

April 27, 2011

Financial Fraud Action UK (FFA UK) has been made aware that out of the 70 million Sony PlayStation accounts compromised worldwide in the Sony PlayStation Network incident, 3 million are based in the UK. Sony has not yet confirmed if card details have been compromised but FFA UK is liaising closely with Sony with regard to this.